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1998. 6. 19. · “Mulan” is based on a Chinese folktale about a young woman who, after the country of China is in danger of take over by a Hun invasion, disguises herself as a male to enter into the Chinese army. She does this in part to save her ailing father but also to bring TRUE honor to herself and the Fu family. 2016. 11. 3. · 2142. Mulan is a 1998 Disney film based on a two-thousand year old Chinese legend of a young girl, Fa Mulan, who secretly joins the Chinese army to bring back honor to her family. In China, one of the main religions practiced is Confucianism. Throughout the movie underlying themes of Confucianism virtues can be seen such as; honor for family.

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2013. 6. 27. · Overview. Mulan, with the help of Mushu (a small chinese dragon sent by her ancestors to protect and help her), proves herself as a female warrior and finally brings honor to her family. ~Mulan is a Disney movie that debuted.

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Aug 24, 2022 · Her story was recounted in the Ballad of Mulan, a folksong in the Northern and Southern Dynasties (386–581). Nowadays, the Ballad of Mulan is a must-read article for all Chinese middle school students. The Story of Mulan. According to the Ballad of Mulan, Mulan was born in 412 AD during the Northern Wei Dynasty (386–534)..

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2021. 5. 22. · Mulan was said to have been an expert at sword fighting, archery, and close-quarter combat; with her skill set, she was very capable of serving at the highest ranks in the army.

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Mulan and her comrades are singing a cheerful marching song when WHAM, they come across a burned-out village, the aftermath of a Hun massacre - not just of the villagers, but of the Imperial Army led by Shang's father. There are bodies on the ground. In a Disney film. And then Mulan finds an abandoned doll among the wreckage. .